Il Sereno Lake Como (2023)

1. Luxury Hotel in Lake Como, Italy | Il Sereno Hotel

  • The Hotel · Al Lago · Suites · Gallery

  • Il Sereno is the newest luxury Hotel in Lake Como. Touted as Europe's most exciting new luxury hotel, Il Sereno stands above the rest.

2. Lake Como Hotel | Leading Hotels of the World - Il Sereno Hotel

  • Il Sereno Hotel is an exquisite luxury Lake Como Hotel. Touted as Europe's most exciting new luxury hotel, Il Sereno looks miles above the rest.

3. Welcome Back to Il Sereno Hotel on Lake Como

  • Il Sereno is excited to welcome back Inglesina, a rowing boat built on Lake Como in the 1930s that has been on Lake Varese in St. Moritz for nearly a century.

  • Be among the first to discover the newest offerings at Il Sereno, including extravagant cocktails and lavish spa treatments.

4. Restaurants on Lake Como | Leading Hotels of the World - Il Sereno

  • The Michelin-Starred, Il Sereno al Lago is the premier dining experience in Lake Como, housed within the acclaimed Il Sereno hotel and led by Chef Raffaele ...

  • Il Sereno provides an unforgettable dining experience on Lake Como. Chef Rafaelle Lenzi has moulded the perfect restaurant on Lake Como. Book your seat today.

5. Il Sereno – Hotel Review | Condé Nast Traveler

  • Set along the lake in Torno, a one-church, one-restaurant village on Como's south shore, Il Sereno honors its setting with regional stone, local walnut, and a ...

  • Reviewed by Julia Buckley

6. Il Sereno Lago di Como- Deluxe Torno, Italy Hotels - Travel Weekly

  • Il Sereno Lago di Como locations, rates, amenities: expert Torno research, only at Hotel and Travel Index.

7. Il Sereno Hotel Review, Lake Como, Italy | Telegraph Travel

  • Il Sereno provides a breath of fresh air from Lake Como's classically styled five-star hotels, with interiors made of wood, stone and plenty of glass, ...

  • Read the Il Sereno, Lake Como, Italy hotel review on Telegraph Travel. See great photos, full ratings, facilities, expert advice and book the best hotel deals.

8. Il Sereno - Lake Como - A Hotel Life

  • Review of Il Sereno in Lake Como. Secluded hotel on a quiet shore of Lake Como with heated infinity pool suspended on the lake.

9. Il Sereno hotel | Lake Como | Lombardy - Mr & Mrs Smith

  • Il Sereno. Cool and contemporary in Lake Como, Il Sereno hotel offers lake views from all 30 suites, as well as an infinity pool, private boats and ...

  • Lake Como, Italy

10. Il Sereno - Virtuoso

  • Italy's Lake Como is as glamorous as it is gorgeous, so it's no surprise that Il Sereno, which opened in 2016, is an exceptionally designed sanctuary of ...

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