What's New, Skippy? (Transcript) (2023)

Transcript taken from "What's New, Skippy?", season 5, episode 24, 184th episode overall.


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    • 1.1 Welcome to the Big Blue House / What's That Smell? / Bear Helps Treelo With Her Homework
    • 1.2 Bear explains what New Things really mean and How New I Am to Be Bear
    • 1.3 Without Checkers?!
    • 1.5 Shadow Segment
    • 1.6 Block Suggestion / Go With an Open Mind
    • 1.7 Chat with Luna the Moon and The Goodbye Song


Welcome to the Big Blue House / What's That Smell? / Bear Helps Treelo With Her Homework

Welcome to the Blue House

Hello from the small mouse

Things to do

Fun for You

Howdy from the big Bear

Want some fun?

Here's where!

Just for you

All is new

In the house of blue

Lots of room at our house

Catch the moon at our house

Kitchen's here

Bathroom's there

Attic full of stuff here

Pillows full of fluff here


Just for you

In the house of blue

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to the Big Blue House

(Video) Brad Mehldau - Things Behind The Sun (Nick Drake) - Transcription

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to the Big Blue House

Door is open

Come on in

Now you're here

So let's

Ah ha ha ha ha


Bear explains what New Things really mean and How New I Am to Be Bear

[the word "New Things" appears]

Bear: Such a nice word, isn't it? It's like, when you try out new things; like...hopscotch. (numbered-shaped grids appear, along with a footprint hops each grid) Or maybe try skateboarding these ramps. (some ramps appear, a skateboard shows up) Oh, and here's another new thing I forgot to mention: trash. (garbage cans appear along with the garbage truck) It's always how we remember to take out the trash yourself. See? Trying out new things aren't the best way than it looks. It's just like making up a song. It's another new thing a Bear should do!

Without Checkers?!

Tutter: (whimpering) My tiles.


Tutter: What's wrong? I'll tell you, this is where I lost my red and black thingies. It's terrible!

Bear: Oh...well, you know what; I've had Jeremiah traded them. There's nothing like I could've done.

Tutter: We know that.

Bear: Ooh; how about a new thing? We put the green tiles onto each space of the checker board.

Tutter: Good idea, Bear.

Bear: (holds out a plastic bag and opens it) Spill the beans. (green tiles come out) Woah!

Tutter: GASP! I've...I've ever seen those green tiles like that before.


Tutter: Well; therefore, Bear; I won't get anything more upset. I'd be feeling tempting the way a mouse could play with the green ones.

Bear & Skippy cooperate his friends to the Fire House



Bear: Skippy, you startled me.

Skippy: Sorry to hate you this, but I'm just a blind squirrel of talent.

(Video) Skippy Mesirow: May 8 to June 7 2022 Update

Bear: Whaddya mean?

Skippy: I can only witness a new thing. My metallic hotel bell. (dings, all his friends come in) Attention! Everyone! I have an announcement to make. For this moment forward, you will all refer to me by the name; Skippy. And you guys will have to make up new things.

Pip: Did he say that?

Pop: Jack said he could make a new thing too!

Skippy: Don't be over-confident. For you two; you will have to bring out the televisions to the fire house. And Treelo; you could work as a gym coach.

Treelo: (muscular voice)

Bear: That doesn't sound like Treelo's normal voice.

Skippy: I know it sounds like it; Bear. Just let me finish. And Tutter; you will learn how to be the Grand Cheese Army.

Tutter: Yes, sir! (salutes)

Skippy: And for you; Ojo, you might as well have to get to Hazelnut High this week!

Ojo: Pfft, I never went to Hazelnut High ever since you were an adolescent Bear like you. Aren't you, Skippy?

Skippy: I hope so. You could try out new things like us! It's like a disability!


Skippy: Bye, guys! Be sure to tell Jeremiah the Grand Cheese Army likes us!

Shadow Segment

Bear: Skippy. What the Hazelnut was that?

Skippy: I had to send Tutter to the Grand Cheese Army.

Bear: Skip, the Grand Cheese Army is only 20 blocks in Woodland Valley. I'm not taking you there.

Skippy: Pfft, you're so weak. I had to get an eye exam to resemble to eyes just to stop blinding me.

Bear: Is that your new thing?

Skippy: Indeed. Bet my tail won't stop wiggling around.

(they hear a laugh)

Bear: Skippy. That sounds like Shadow. (uses his hand to point at it) It's right over there.

Skippy: I hope so. Hey, you know that song where we get to search for her?

Bear: Only if she'll appear, Skip.

(Video) Steven Seagal Is Out Of His Mind | Tom Segura Stand Up Comedy | "Completely Normal" on Netflix

Skippy: (to the lens) Speaking of New Things, I haven't met Shadow. If we look real hard by search and sing the song, she will appear. So anyway Sing-along with Us.

Bear: (they started singing) Oh

Bear/Skippy: Where oh where oh where is Shadow? (Skippy looks underneath it) Where oh where oh where is (Skippy peeps up) Shadow? Where oh where oh where is Shadow? (camera pans out) Where can Shadow be?

Bear: (pause) Shadow! (Shadow appears under the horsey picture)

Skippy: Where she is? Shadow. Just about time.

Shadow: I'm hoping you guys found me that time.

Bear: Well, what are you doing today?

Shadow: Oh, I'm just taking a long hike through a snow spot in the Woodland Valley mountain. Maybe one rock is covered into a tiny spot of snow.

Bear: Nifty suggestion, Shadow. Could you tell us a story?

Shadow: It happens to anyone at all; boys. Let shadows make new things while this story tells you to. Watch.

Skippy: OK.

Shadow-Goosey Goosey Gander
Wither shall I wander

Goosey-Hey, I've been wandering in the pond for months! I was swimming across the brook, and then I went inside a mysterious house to see if I'm here.

Shadow-Upstairs and downstairs
Outside the yard chamber

Goosey-The yard chamber? I'm bored of this rhyme!

Shadow-There I met a duckling gambler

Duckling Gambler-Hey, Goosey. Wanna play games?

Shadow-And took her in a tower

*Goosey Goosey Gander wins more coins from a slotting machine, then plays billiard balls, and finally plays cards*

Duckling Gambler-How do you win, Goosey?

Shadow-For an entire hour

*Goosey Goosey Gander got a triplet and finally wins the game*

Goosey-I won! I won a triplet! I won!

Bear: Wow. What a funny story. Goosey, goosey gander.

(Video) Trrr Skibidi Dop Dop Yes Yes — TikTok Compilation

Skippy: Well, did you thought about going to Hazelnut Vegas?

Shadow: No. I never went there. I made up some new things while I took the limousine all the way. Would've been gambling around when I was a shadow friend like me.

Bear: Like I said; Shadow, we make new things to stop worrying and legalize the gambling.

Shadow: Well, good for you two; I have to go, when you two need another story, I'll just try to catch you up with. (waves)

Bear: Bye, Shadow.

Skippy: Thanks. Hey; Bear. What do you say we visit Ojo?

Block Suggestion / Go With an Open Mind

Ojo: A little off the top...there.


Bear: Ojo, shouldn't you be at the Grand Cheese Army?

Ojo: No, I'm a little busy. But no, I'm done. I made this tower by hand.

Bear: Told you Skippy might as well want to hear it.


Bear: I could, Ojo. Did you know Barry Beaver is a member of the Grand Cheese Army?

Skippy: Like we sent Tutter there?

Bear: Just to work with?

Ojo: I hope so. Listen to me you two while I sing you one.

Skippy: Let me hear it, Ojo. Sing it away.

(the song "Go With an Open Mind" plays)

Chat with Luna the Moon and The Goodbye Song

What's New, Skippy? (Transcript) (1)

(cuts to night)

Bear: Whew. Some day, huh? And Skippy was such a great squirrel. Let's just go find Luna. I saw her up there. Come on. (turns off the kitchen light and Luna rises) There she is. What's going on, Luna?

Luna: Well; Hello, Bear, I was rising to the occasion to meet you. And how was your New Things day today in The Big Blue House?

Bear: With Skippy, as much I know; Luna. (camera angle shows plant next to him) We even helped Treelo with her homework, and Tutter had chosen the green ones to play checkers with out the red and the black ones. They even communicate new ways. Someone is genuinely exceptional to Skippy.

Luna: Skippy, eh? Why, that's a name I haven't heard of since the Nutty Blindness. I made a new thing just to travel all the way here. Some things aren't too cruel after all, Bear.

Bear: True. True. Well; if you can rise all the way up to the sky, there would be a new thing to New Things, but would you like to sing The Goodbye Song with me?

(Video) Steven Seagal interview gone wrong (HD)

Luna: Before I go? I'd love to, Bear. I'd love to.

What's New, Skippy? (Transcript) (2)

(They sing The Goodbye Song Season 3 Style, it uses the four New Things clips)

Bear: Bye, now. (Luna rises back up and Bear heads back inside the Camera of The Attic Bats Are People Too Style) Well, Thanks for visiting The Big Blue House. I hope you had fun. Bye. (turns off) Oh. (turns back on) And By the way, Remember, trying out New Things aren't always the best than it looks. I'll always be there to see you if one thing always stayed the same. See ya soon. (turns back off)


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